Partnering Universities & Colleges

TutorChapter has a lot to offer for universities. TutorChapter wants to improve the quality of education, make it more affordable and also reach the masses in all sections of the society.

• Explain concepts in a more interesting manner.
• Reduce the time a faculty needs to prepare for a lecture beforehand. More time can be spent on teaching more students or providing individual attention.
• Reduce the use of paper in teaching process.
• Make good study material available 24 hrs a day.
• Students can access content even if they miss a few classes.
• Making the education process more cost effective.

• Take online exams often to check how well the students have understood the concepts.
• Reduce the need of paper in teaching process.
• Reduce the time required to check papers.
• Reduce the cost of teaching process.
• Retain answers sheet of each student for future reference.