Partnering Corporates

Employee training - A web-based system can be developed to train employees to have the correct skill set to perform their work. After training them a ongoing evaluation process can be conducted to ensure their skills are upto the mark. This increases employee productivity, there by decreasing organisational costs.

Customer Education - Businesses which educate their customers have seen a increase in clientele and loyalty. Example your are a juice restaurant, educating your customers about the juice nutrients, preparation process, benefits of the juice will make the customers understand the juice and consume more. Also employee CRM and feedback solutions to better assist them.

The above 2 solutions have been implemented by Tutorchapter improving the business processes across businesses.

Highly educated assistants can be hired online to help corporates do their daily work more effectively . TutorChapter provides them with experienced hands at the work place for a much reduced cost.
• Graphic Designer
• Website Developer
• Content Writer
• Image Editor
• Accounting Assistant
• Social Media Manager
• SEO Manager and many more.

TutorChapter has a large number of students taking online courses. Corporates can hire well performing students in TutorChapter courses just like campus placement.

Ask candidates to take a free online recruitment exam for your company.
• Get to know more about the candidate.
• Store data on employee recruitment for future reference.
• Filter undesirable candidates at the initial stage itself of the recruitment process.
• Save HR Time and cost.
• Improve the quality of human resource hiring at the initial stage itself of the recruitment process.