C++ Online Course

These are the topics you can learn. You can also ask your tutor to teach you concepts other than those listed here. Price mentioned is for 1 hr session. Individual Online tutoring costs 12 USD per hour. You can expect discounts if you purchase sessions in bulk. To purchase email to info@tutorchapter.com

Principles of Object-Oriented programming
Basic concept, Object-Oriented languages, Its applications

Introduction to C++ C++ and its necessity, Basics of C++, Structure of a program, Compiling and Linking

Tokens, Expressions & Control Structures
Tokens & their types, Expression and their types, Control Structures, Conditionals Control Structures, Iterations Control Structures, Nested Control Structures

Functions in C++
Use of Functions in C++, Different Functions, The Main function, Inline function, Default Argument and Constant Argument, Function overloading, Friend and Virtual functions, Math Library functions,

Classes and Objects
Specifying a class, C++ program with class, Objects, Local classes, Inheritance: extending classes

Constructors and DestructorsConstructors and its kinds, Overloading constructors, Default constructor, Constructing 2D array, Destructors

Operators overloading and Type Conversions
Defining operators overloading, Overloading unary and binary operators, Type Conversions

Inheritance: extending classes
Single and Multiple Inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance, Hierarchical Inheritance, Hybrid Inheritance, Virtual base classes, Abstract classes, Derived classes, Constructors in derived classes

Pointers and Virtual Functions
Pointers, Introduction, Variables of pointers, Pointers initialization, Void pointer, Null pointer, Pointers and arrays, Pointers to object, Pointers to derived classes, This Pointer, Pointer arithmetic, Pointer to pointer, Pointer to function, Virtual functions

Managing Console I/O operations
C++ streams, Unformatted I/O operations, Formatted console I/O operations, Managing output with manipulators

Files Handling
Opening and closing a file, Updating a file, Error handling in files operations

Templates and its kinds, Class Templates, Class Templates with multiple parameters, Function Templates, Function Templates with multiple parameters, Overloading of Template Functions, Member Function Templates, Non-Type Template Arguments

Exception handling
Basic Concepts of Exception handling, Exception handling Mechanism

Other Mechanism
Throwing Mechanism, Catching Mechanism, Rethrowing an exception, Specifying Exceptions

C++ Standard Template Library
Components of STL, Containers, Applications of Container Classes, Algorithms, Iterators, Function Objects

String Manipulation
Introduction, Creating and manipulating String Objects, Relational operation, String characteristics, Comparing and swapping

Advanced Features of ANSI C++ Standards
New Data Types, New Operators, Namespace, Class Implementation, New Keywords, New Headers

Object-Oriented Systems Development
Procedure-Oriented paradigms, Object -Oriented paradigms, Prototyping paradigm