Perl Online Course

These are the topics you can learn. You can also ask your tutor to teach you concepts other than those listed here. Price mentioned is for 1 hr session. Individual Online tutoring costs 15 USD per hour. You can expect discounts if you purchase sessions in bulk. To purchase email to

Introduction to PERL
PERL History, Need to use PERL, Installation of PERL, Running PERL Scripts, Support for PERL, Data Types, Basic Concepts (Assignment, Comments, Standard I/O, Print)

PERL Programming
A simple program to print Hello World, Compiling a PERL program, Using Operators and Rules of Precedence, Using IF-CONTROL structure, Boolean Values, Undef function, PERL Debugger, Further Study of programs

Input Operations and File I/O
Overview of File I/O, Input Operator, Open Function, Print Function, Reading Directories

Arrays and Lists
Assigning values to an array, Accessing array elements, Adding and Deleting values, Array Slices, ARGV Array, The grep Function, Sort and Reverse Functions, Split and Join, FOR-EACH loop, List Assignment, Pop and Push operators, List operators and Unary operators, Shift and Unshift operators, References Making and Using References, Subroutines

Hash Assignment and Hash Functions, Use of a Hash, Sorting Hashes, The Exists and Delete Functions, Scalar and List Contexts

Using Object-Oriented Modules
Modules and their functional interfaces, Modules with object-oriented interfaces, Class Methods and Object Methods, Introducing Objects, Overloaded Operators, Destructors

Matching with Regular Expressions
Word Anchors, Binding Operator, Interpolating into Patterns, Substitution Operator, Substrings

Control Structures
Logical Operators, The defined-or Operator, Control Structures using Partial-Evaluation operator, Bitwise Operators, String Functions, EVAL Function

PERL Modules
Installing Modules, Using Directories, File::Basename module

Directory Operations
Directory Tree, Hash Slice,Trapping Errors,