Python Programming Online Course

These are the topics you can learn. You can also ask your tutor to teach you concepts other than those listed here. Price mentioned is for 1 hr session. Individual Online tutoring costs 15 USD per hour. You can expect discounts if you purchase sessions in bulk. To purchase email to

Introduction to computers and programming
What is computer, Basics of hardware and software, High level programming languages, Python- an introductione. Structure of python program

Python Programs-An Introduction
Basics of software development, Program elements, Names, Expressionsc, Input statements, Output statements, Assignment statements, Simple assignment, Multiple assignments, Input assignmentf. Loops

Numeric Computing
Numeric data types, Library functions, Data type limits, Data type conversions, Int to float, Float to longs

Programming with strings
Basics of string data type, Processing with stringsc. String operations, Strings and secret codes, String representation, Encoding strings, Decoding stringse. Other string operations, From Encoding to encryption. String manipulations, Date conversion, String formatting, Change counter. File processing

Objects and Graphics

Introduction Handling Objects, Simple graphics programming, Graphical objects, Selecting coordinates, Interactive graphics, Handling mouse clicks, Handling Text Input, Graphical modules, Windows objects, Graphic objects, Entry objects, Displaying images, Color generations

Defining Functions
Introduction to functions, Future value of functions, Functions and parameters, Getting outputs from functions, Functions returning values, Functions modifying parameters. Functions and program structure

Decision Structures
Simple decision, Two way decision, Multi way decision, Exception handling

Loop structures and Booleans
For loops, Indefinite loop, Loop patterns, Interactive loops, Sentinel loops, File loop, Nested loops, Poor loops, Boolean computing, Boolean operators, Boolean algebra, Boolean expressions as decisions

Simulation and design
Introduction to simulation, A simulation problem, Analysis and specification, Pseudo random numbers, Introduction, Separation of concern, Second level design, Third level design, Summary of design methods, Bottom up implementation, Unit testing, Simulation results, Other design techniques, Spiral and prototype model, The Art of design

Defining classes
Review of objects, Defining new classes, Example-Multi dice program. Data processing with classes, Objects and encapsulation, Abstractions, Putting classes in modules, Working with multiple modules, Widgets, Building buttons, Building dice, Main program

Data collection
Applying lists, Lists and arrays, List operations, List of objects, Designing with list and classes

Object oriented design
OOAD design process, Case study: Racquetball simulation, Oops concepts, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance

Algorithm Design and Recursion
Searching,Simple searching problem, Linear search,Binary search Comparing algorithms, Recursive problem solving, Recursive definitions, Recursive functions, Recursion vs Iterationc. Sorting Algorithms, Selection sort, Merge sort, Comparison sort, Hard problems, Towers of Hano, The halting problem