Oracle Database Online Course

These are the topics you can learn. You can also ask your tutor to teach you concepts other than those listed here. Price mentioned is for 1 hr session. Individual Online tutoring costs 15 USD per hour. You can expect discounts if you purchase sessions in bulk. To purchase email to

Introduction Knowing Oracle PL/SQL, About PL/SQL, Application needs of PL/SQL, Getting started with Pl/SQL,

Essentials of PL/SQL, Language of PL/SQL, My first code in PL/SQL, Structure Syntax in Oracle PL/SQL, Variables, Operators and Logic, Looping, Code Protocol,

Ciphering PL/SQL, Example program, My first code, Book Count recover using functions, Code strength, Employing packages of Oracle PL/SQL, Moving further,

Web Programming, Basics of HTML, Oracle PL/SQL for Web Pages, Applications,

Recapture, The need for recapture, Simple retrieve methodology in Oracle PL/SQL, Cursor employment in retrieving multiple rows, Web page display of results, Dynamic SQL in web search page presentation, Further study,

Code Construction, Establish your code, Employ tools for effective coding,

Vigilance, Security Primer In Oracle, Account structuring for enhanced security, Library system need scrutiny, Database repository, More for progressive developers,

External idea exchange, Email using PL/SQL, Incorporating mail sender in library, Email into database, Remote web data mining, Multilingual assimilation,

More to ponder, SDLC, PL/SQL collectibles, Handling an exception, Control of process, Compiler points, Library helpline, Advanced Features,

Database coding, Proof of a good program, The issue, Key to goals