Scientific Editing | Manuscript Editing

Obtaining research grant and publishing research articles are two cornerstones of scientific career. Writing a good research proposal is a key to obtain grant for research However, publishing papers in good journals is equally important which decides your eligibility for the grant. More you publish papers in good journals, the likelihood of getting finding increases. Obtaining funding for a research does not only depend how innovative or interesting is the research idea but also on how well it has been written and presented. Further, publishing research article is crucial for a scientific career. Scientific research articles provide a method for scientists to communicate with other scientists about the results of their research. Other reasons for publishing papers are:

to leave a record of research which can be added to by others

to receive due recognition for ideas and results; and

to attract interest from others in the area of research.

Other reasons for publishing of research articles by internationally oriented scientists:

to receive expert feedback on results and ideas; and

to legitimize the research; i.e. receive independent verification of methods and results.

However, publishing research article is not easy nowadays. It has to undergo an extensive review by peer reviewers. Writing a good manuscript is as important as performing a good experiment. It has to be well structured and organized. Not all research is new or of sufficient scientific interest. Experiments do not always work: positive results are easier to publish. However, research with negative results can also be published if it is well organized and written in appropriate manner

Scientific journals have specific requirements which can be difficult to meet: The prerequisites for successful publication of a paper are:

• developing strategy: understanding what editors and referees want to publish, and why;

developing story: understanding what makes a compelling research article in a particular discipline area; and

using language: developing techniques to enhance clear and effective communication with readers in English

The skills required for successful science writing are both science- and language based, and skill integration is required for efficient outcomes. We have a team of experienced authors who with their combined perspectives and experiences provide an integrated, multidisciplinary platform to provide assistance in writing and publishing research articles in reputed international journals.

We provide following services on scientific writing:

1. Research proposal writing: we have a team of experts who can write an elaborated research proposal. However, client has to provide the topic of research

2. Writing and publishing research manuscript: We provide assistance in publishing research in reputed journals. Selection of an appropriate journal is critical for publishing scientific work. Sometimes, manuscripts are rejected editorially as the study does not fit into scope of the journal. Further, each journal has its own format of manuscript and references. We provide assistance in selection of appropriate journals and organization of manuscripts according to journal`s criteria including references. We also provide services on manuscript writing.

3. Scientific editing: A well written and well structured manuscript draws less criticism by reviewer. We provide quality work on scientific editing and proof reading of research articles.

4. Responding to reviewer`s comment in point by point fashion: The publication of research articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals is a quite complex process and step-wise process that involves responding to referees comments. We provide assistance in writing point by point response to the comments of reviewers.

This costs 100 USD per 1000 words.