E-Learning Content Development for Academic Institutions & Corporates

Whether you`re looking for an e-learning assessment or content services, TutorChapter provides you state-of-the-art e-learning development solutions for your institute/university. TutorChapter`s e-learning instructors can help your academic institution to define e-learning solutions that improve student`s learning.

We help academic institutions in two key areas of e-learning development: e-Learning Consulting and Instructor-Led Training. Our e-learning content development platform is currently used by institutes and universities all over the world. Our custom e-learning development services provide a consultative and problem-solving approach to tailor an effective custom e-learning strategy around your academic institution`s needs.

Our e-Learning Consulting services includes an e-learning strategy, content definition, task analysis , curricula analysis as well as internationalization and globalization of e-learning content.

As you know training is critical to the success of any academic institution. TutorChapter will work with you to design a virtual classroom and instructor-led training to improve performance for students. Our Instructor-Led Training Services include rapid e-learning content development, mobile content devlopment, deployment on the web/mobile and performance support.

Our e-learning experts can both work with your existing content or design and develop new content from conception to delivery. In each case, we consider the requirements of your local or global audiences and design e-learning experiences that are culturally neutral and context-specific.

TutorChapter provides cutting-edge hosted content services at an affordable cost. Your academic institution can use our Content Distribution Platform (CDP) for various types of content delivery like web and mobile. Our professional experience with other universities could be a great asset. Work with TutorChapter to create a custom built solution to engage and empower your learners.

Corporates could also use our e-learning services to train their employees / associates.

Content Development Starts at USD 150 per 1500 words