Java Online Course

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The History and Evolution of Java
Java Lineage, The Creation of Java, How Java Changed the Internet, The Evolution of Java

An Overview of Java
What is Programming?, Components of a Programming Language, Programming Paradigms, Object-Oriented Programming and Java, Two Paradigms, Abstraction, The Three OOP principles, Encapsulation, Inheritence and Polymorphism

JAVA Programs
Entering the Source Code, Compiling the Source Code, Running a Sample Program

Data Types
Introduction, Primitive Types, Data Types of Java, Integers, Floating Point Types, Characters, Booleans, Literals, Java and IEEE Floating point standards

Operator Definition, Assignment Operator, Declaration, Initialization and Assignment, Arithmetic Operators, The Basic Arithmetic Operators, The Modulus Operator, Arithmetic Compound Assignment Operators, Increment and Decrement, The Bitwise Operators, The Bitwise Logical Operators, The Left Shift, The Right Shift, The Unsigned Right Shift, Bitwise Operator Compound Assignments, Relational Operators, Boolean Logical Operators, Short-Circuit Logical Operators, The Assignment Operator, The ? Operator, String Concatenation Operator (+), Operator Precedence, Using Parentheses,

Statements What is a Statement, Java Selection Statements, Switch, Iteration Statements, While, Do-while, For, The For-Each Version of the for Loop, Nested Loops, Jump Statements, Using break, Using continue, Return

Classes and Objects Class Fundamentals, The General Form of a Class, A Simple Class, Declaring Objects, Assigning Object Reference Variables, Introducing Methods, Adding a Method to the Box Class, Returning a Value, Adding a Method That Takes Parameters, Constructors, Parameterized Constructor, Overloading Constructor, Default Constructors, Static Constructor, The this Keyword, Using Objects as Parameters, Argument Passing, Returning Objects, Recursion, Access Control, Understanding static, Introducing final, Command-Line Arguments, Varargs: Variable-Length Arguments, Overloading Vararg Methods, Varargs and Ambiguity,

Object and Object Classes
Auto boxing, What is Auto boxing and unboxing?, Auto boxing and Methodsk, Auto boxing/Unboxing Occurs in Expressions, Auto boxing/Unboxing Boolean and Character Values

Exception Handling
Exception-Handling Fundamentals, Exception Types, Uncaught Exceptions, Displaying a Description of an Exception, Multiple catches Clauses, Nested try Statements, throw, Rethrowsk, Finally Block, Java`s Built-in Exceptions

What is an Assertion?, Testing Assertions, Enabling and Disabling Assertions, Checking Assertions status

Strings and Dates
The String Constructors, String Length, Special String Operations, String Literals, String Concatenation, String Concatenation with Other Data Types, String Conversion and to String( ), Character Extractionk, Char At( ), Chars( ), Get Bytes( ), toCharArray( ), equals( ) and equalsIgnoreCase( ), startsWith( ) and endsWith( ), replace( ), trim( ), String Comparison, String Buffer, Working with Dates and Times

Formatting Objects
Formatting Dates, Formatting Numbers, print- Style Formatting

Regular Expressions
Defining Regular Expression, Metacharacters, Character Classes, Types of Regular Expression, Pattern Class, Matcher Class, Pattern syntax Exception Class, Quantifiers in Regular Expressions,

What is an Array ?, Length of an Array, Array Initialization, One-Dimensional Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays, Array Declaration Syntax, Array Assignment Compatibility

Garbage Collection
Defining Garbage Collection, Memory Allocation in Java, Garbage Collection in Java, Object Resurrection

Inheritance Basics, Using super to Call Superclass Constructors, Second Use for super, Creating a Multilevel Hierarchy, Inheritence and Constructors, Method Overriding, Method Overloading, Method Hiding, The Object Class, Abstract Classes and Abstract Methods