SAS Online Course

These are the topics you can lear You can also ask your tutor to teach you concepts other than those listed here. Price mentioned is for 1 hr session. Individual Online tutoring costs 15 USD per hour. You can expect discounts if you purchase sessions in bulk. To purchase email to

Introduction To SAS Starting with SAS software, The SAS programming, DATA and PROC Steps, Built in loop structure- DATA step,How to submit SAS programs,Commands to work in SAS windowing environment,Submitting programs in SAS windowing environment,Reading SAS test logs,Results window,Handling SAS data libraries,Viewing data sets in the window,Viewing data set properties,How to use SAS system options

Loading Data into SAS Steps to get data into SAS, Entering data with viewtable window, Importing files, How to find raw data,Getting raw data separated by spaces,Getting raw data arranged in columns,Getting raw data not in standard format,Selected informats,Mixing input styles,Reading messy raw data,Reading multiple lines of raw data,Reading multiple observations per line of raw data,Reading part of a raw data file,Controlling input with INFILE statement,Reading delimited files with DATA step,Reading delimited files with import procedure,Q.Reading excel files,R.Temporary vs permanent data sets,S.Using permanent data sets with LIBNAME statements,T.Using permanent data sets by direct referencing,U.Contents of SAS data set

Working With Your Data Creating and redefining variables, Using SAS functions, SAS character functions, SAS numeric functions,Using If-Then statements,Grouping using If-Then-Else statements,Sub setting your data,Working with SAS dates,Selected date informats, functions and formats,Using the retain and sum statements,Simplifying programs with arrays,Using shortcuts for list of variable names

Sorting, Printing And Summarizing Of Data Using SAS procedures, Sub setting in procedures with Where statement, PROC SORT for data sorting, How to change sort order for character data,PROC PRINT to print data

Enhancing your output with ODS Concepts of the output delivery system, Tracing and selecting procedure output, Creating SAS data sets from procedure output, Creating text output,Creating HTML output,Creating RTF output,Creating PDF output,Customizing tiles and footnotes,Customizing PROC PRINT with the style-option,Customizing PROC REPORT with the style-option,Customizing PROC TABULATE with the style-option,Adding Traffic-Lighting to your output,Selected Style attributes

Modifying and combining SAS Data sets SET statement to modify data sets, SET statement to stack data sets, SET statement to interleave data, Combining data sets using One to One Match Merge,Merging Summary with Original data,Combining a Grand Total with the Original data,Updating a Master data set with transactions,Writing multiple data sets using the output statement,Making several observations using output statement,Using SAS data set options,Tracking and selecting observations with IN-options,Selecting observation with the Where option,Changing observations to variables using PROC TransPC,Using SAS automatic variables

Writing flexible code using SAS Macro facility Macro concepts, Substituting text with macro variables, Concatenating macro variables with other text, Creating modular code with macros,Adding parameters to macros,Writing macros with conditional logic,Writing data driven programs with CALL SYMPUT,Debugging macro errors

Visualizing your data Concepts of ODS graphics, Creating Bar Charts, Creating histograms and density curves, Creating Box plots,Creating Scatter plots,Creating fitted curves,Creating series plots,Controlling Axes and Reference lines,Controlling Legends and Insets,Customizing graphical attributes,Saving graphic output and specifying properties

Using basic statistical procedures Distribution of data with PROC UNIVARIATE, Creating statistical graphics with PROC UNIVARIATE, Producing statistics with PROC MEANS, Testing Means with PROC TTEST,Testing categorical data with PROC FREQ,Examining PROC correlations using PROC CORR,PROC CORR for creating statistical graphics,PROC Reg for Regression Analysis,PROC REG for creating statistical graphics,PROC Anova for one way analysis of variance,Reading output of PROC Anova

Exporting your data Methods for exporting your data, Writing files using export wizard, Writing delimited files with export procedure, Writing Microsoft Excel files with export procedure,Writing raw data files using data step

Debugging your SAS programs Writing SAS programs that work, Fixing SAS programs that won`t work, Searching for missing semi colon, Note: Input statement reached past end of line,Note: Lost card,Note: Invalid data,Note: Missing values were generated,Note: Numeric values to be converted into character,Data step procedures wrong results but no error message,Error: Invalid option,Note: Variable is uninitialized,SAS truncates a character variable,SAS stops in the middle of program,SAS runs out of memory or disk space.