Frequently Asked Questions

You would be a freelance online expert. Each request has a different pay. All details for each request will be sent to you by email. Also a request can happen anytime (24 hrs a day). You may take the request for your specialization if you are comfortable with the pay and time, else you may skip it.

Email tutoring is replying to student queries in Microsoft word, excel or any other application as required over the email as an attachment.

Online Tutoring is via which has voice chat and whiteboard. You can train yourself for free directly on webex. For online tutoring headphone-mic is mandatory. Digital Pen and Webcam are optional.Sample session

Professional - You could help TutorChapter`s corporate clients with their office work. Example you can work as graphic designer for any normal corporate, you could be an accounts assistant for any normal corporate. Professional work is like Email Tutoring.

1) How is the price determined?
Ans: Price for each (email tutoring or professional work / online tutoring sessions) would depend on the difficulty level and time required to do it.

2) How is the payment made?
Ans: Payments would be made on a monthly basis for the work done between 1st of the month to the last day of the month, on the 10th of next month. Example work done from 1 April to 30 April will be paid by 10 May.
Indian Citizens would be paid via EFT only. Following bank details are mandatory and must reach us before 25th of the month. Failing to comply, payment is carried to the next payment cycle.
Bank Account Holder Name:
Bank Account Number:
Current / Saving:
Bank IFSC Code: (Written on the cheque generally, else ask your bank branch)
Pan Card Number:
Pan Card Holder Address:
TDS 10% would be deducted. A scan copy of the Pan Card is required by email.
Non Indian Citizens would be paid via Paypal.