Learning Management Systems

There are many Learning Management Systems (LMS) that your academic institution can use in managing, tracking and delivering education to students.

The most important question is how do you choose the most appropriate LMS for your educational institution? In this respect, TutorChapter provides you professional advice and solutions to select, implement and configure the most suitable LMS for your students.

The exponential growth and adoption of interoperable systems for education is the fastest-growing phenomena in over 500 years of history education. Learning Management Systems are the framework that handles almost all aspects of the learning process online. As you are already aware e-learning has already become a way of training for the best academic institution around the globe. But selecting and purchasing a LMS is currently a major financial and strategic decision for all colleges and universities worldwide. Open source systems are gaining unprecedented recognition and adoption by both educational institutions and companies. We advise the use of open source moodle with customization which is cost effective and most efficient at the moment.

Our LMS experts for your best choice

Our experienced LMS developers and implementers determine the core drivers justifying the purchase of LMS. Our approach is to first understand the unique requirements of your educational institution and the learning needs of your students before providing the solution.

Moreover we can maximize the benefits and usage of existing systems and solutions that you are already using.